Get on C-SPAN. At approximately 3:55 p.m. today the House GOP will stage a walk out to protest the Democrats’ omnibus appropriations package in the form of a continuing resolution. The resolution is full of earmarks and other things that are bad news, including protecting Harry Reid’s projects in Nevada. Well, they were suppose to walk about, but it looks like some of the RINO’s killed the walk out and voted for the resolution.

The GOP has discovered in the 24 hours it has had to review the legislation that the legislation wipes out funding for programs designed to prevent AIDS in babies that have virtually wiped out “baby AIDS” in several states and the legislation almost takes away over $16 million in funding for military family housing.

Get on the TV.

[UPDATE: I’m confused about the effectiveness of the House GOP when they cannot even capitalize on the fact that the Dems are killing a successful program to prevent AIDS in infants.]