Once in a while Congressmen get the strange idea that they are gods, able to play with time. The Energy Bill making its way through Congress will expand Daylight Savings Time to, in the words of one congressman, “make more hours of light.”


There are twenty-four hours in a day. Congress could, constitutionally, decree that there are going to be forty-eight thirty minute hours in a day, but that would no more affect the amount of sunshine the earth receives on a given day than it would improve the lives of Americans. Congress should stop tinkering with time and should not increase Daylight Savings Time beyond what it already is.

DST was supposedly to benefit farmers, but farmers don’t want it. It was suppose to cause more daylight, yet daylight is not really controlled by Congress. If Congress really wants to benefit the American worker, how about setting fall back to Monday morning at 8 and spring forward to Friday afternoon at 4. Otherwise, Congress should stay out Father Time’s business and get on with enacting sound energy policies that include drilling in ANWR.