I’ve been away from news for several days. Let me just say that this is just another sign that, nationally, the Democrats are truly the minority party.

Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Edward Kennedy called Rice “a key member of the national security team that developed and justified the rationale for war, and it’s been a catastrophic failure, a continuing quagmire.”

Sen. Mark Dayton of Minnesota said Rice “misled the people of Minnesota and Americans everywhere about the situation in Iraq, before and after that war began.” He added: “I really don’t like being lied to repeatedly, flagrantly, intentionally.”

Opposition of Rice is all well and good. But, the Dems have decided to be all anti-war all the time. The American people sent the Dems into Presidential wilderness for roughly 20 years, with only Carter being an exception. Carter proved the preception that the Dems couldn’t hack national security and the Dems continued to wander in Presidential wilderness.

Now they will most likely do the same in Congress, having chosen to condemn themselves as the anti-war anti-national security party. And, while we can debate it, poll after poll shows the American people link inseverably war and national security. Lose one, you lose both and the nation in the process.