As I was driving home from Colorado today, I was listening to Rush on Wyoming’s K2 network. He spent a considerable amount of time discussing today’s New York Times article: “Court Panel Says New York Schools Need Billions More” (feel free to use to read the article).

They reported this:

“In a report that could transform New York City’s public schools, a court-appointed panel has found that an additional $5.6 billion must be spent on the city’s schoolchildren every year to provide the opportunity for a sound, basic education that they are guaranteed by the State Constitution.

Beyond that, the panel found that $9.2 billion worth of new classrooms, laboratories, libraries and other facilities were needed to relieve overcrowding, reduce class sizes and give the city’s 1.1 million public school students adequate places to learn.”

Rush went off.the.hook about this. That means the “court-appointed panel” is asking for $14.8 billion or $13,454 per student.

This is totally insane. Will the taxpayers of New York feel comfortable raising taxes to pay for this? I just hope that, like Rush pointed out, NY doesn’t fall back to asking for federal funding. How ironic would that be…for the “hicks in the sticks” (like me) Red states to help about this Blue state?