With a hat tip to James Taranto, the Boston Globe is reporting that Dems are trying to learn how to talk religion.

Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Democrat of Massachusetts, is investigating how Democrats can talk more effectively about religious issues in the run-up to the midterm elections, when the party of an incumbent president traditionally loses seats in Congress. He was reluctant to talk about his plans until his staff completed research he requested.

I can picture it now.

“Sir, they call themselves Christians. They apparently worship some dude they call Jesus. They aren’t sure who he is. They say he is the son of God, but they say he is God too. We’re still investigating.”

The fact is that lefties do not talk faith, they talk social issues. Americans have a good idea of what Christianity is all about. They know that feeding the poor and taking care of the needy is one aspect of it, but protestants in particular reject “works” based religion. Christianity is about faith in God and a believe in Jesus as both sovereign Lord and savior.

Lefties can dance around the issue, but conservatives can always ask the knockout question: “Can you go to heaven through means other than a belief in Christ.” Saying yes will keep the non-believer indifferent and inflame the believer into greater activity against the lefty politician.

Lefties want to make Christianity a social religion and reject the non-social obligations of faith — like actually believing in Christ and leading others to the Lord. Evangelicals, who are predisposed to believe in witnessing, understand and accept the concept of evangelizing, which is what a lot of our neighbors did in 2004, only they were singing the praises of Bush, not Christ.