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I had one person tell me they heard it on Sean Hannity. I had several others email me with the rumor. I don’t know if it is true. Take it for what it is worth. Some of the people heard it on Sean Hannity, apparently. Some heard it elsewhere. One person heard it from a damn reliable source.

The rumor is that the last attack of the Swifties will be video of Kerry burning an American flag.

Again, I don’t know if it is true. You’d have thought in the past twenty years Kerry could have bought all the footage of something like that.

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  • “The Political Junkie” has heard a rumor…
    My friend Erick Erickson has heard a rumor about John Kerry. If it is true (and I can’t believe it if it is!) then I smell landside.

  • “Again, I don’t know if it is true. You’d have thought in the past twenty years Kerry could have bought all the footage of something like that.”

    Sometimes its hard for a lot of people to ahem, remember what they did in the ’60’s. Heavy smoke…er fog, I mean.

    Be great if they have the footage.

  • Used this post to make my own post at Free Republic. Many replies made thus far. This could be huge. Means we win by tons instead of by your typical landslide.

  • Wow! Could we be so lucky? Thank goodness those Swift Boat guys came along in August. If Bush pulls this election out, he’ll have to have all 265 of them to the White House. Now if we could only find a picture of Daschle handing Kerry the match.

  • Wow! Could you imagine the impact if this is true?
    Hope it is.

    Posted by: Rocco DiPippo at October 7, 2004 11:11 PM

    Why do you hope something like this is true? Whether from the left or the right, it is rather unpatriotic to “hope” someone we’ve trusted as a senator for 18 years is a flag burner.

  • Yeah, this would be good, but I wish Bush would win it on his own . . . he shouldn’t need something like this to win.

  • So I might have pick the lesser of burning a flag vs. a radically ultraconservative christian republican agenda? Great.

  • I don’t know about you but, wanting to see footage of a burning american flag in my opinion, being an ex member of the military is the equivalent of watching child pornography. Regardless if your using it for your own poltical agenda’s.

    Peoples hearts and minds change, who cares what happens 20 years ago.

    /voting for the closest person to beat bush out of office.

  • You folk are sick. You’re hoping that something comes out about ANYBODY burning a flag? If bush ‘needs’ this to win an election, I don’t want the man in office. This is pure scandal.

    Look, for 20 year old footage, it would have shown up before now. And that’s assuming it’s even true. I don’t think a US senator, past present or future, would be burning flags. He might have seen a burning (and I’m pretty sure he might have, given the atmosphere), but unless he’s holding the thing, I wouldn’t believe it for an instant.

  • “someone we’ve trusted as a senator for 18 years is a flag burner.”

    Posted by: Brian at October 8, 2004 08:55 PM

    What do you mean “we’ve” trusted? Like “we” trust the drunkard senator that let a woman drown in a creek? Narrow your brush size. A lot.

  • I have seen the Video of a DRUNK George Bush dancing naked on a table top with a Hooker in Midland Texas when he was 39. It is so much better than watching him debate…………

  • you heard this rumor on “sean hannity” and you are asking if it’s true? that guy is so pro-Bush I’m surprised he’s not his personal a–hole cleaner.

  • I heard the same rumor 14 years ago when I worked for Jim Rapaport’s campaign against Kerry. If it had happened, we would have seen it by now.

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