First Katie Couric, genius of NBC, identified Azerbaijan as a country in extreme Southeast Europe. Well, that would be techically true if you also identified Syria, Iran, Pakistan, and Vietnam as countries in extreme Southeast Europe [Ed — well, it is all one land mass].

Then, of course, was the whole PCBS by Katie and Bob. I can’t remember how many times they pointed out “Interesting to see how much applause X gets. After all, it was a vocal supporter of the misguided war in Iraq.”

Oh, and then there were the constant reminders of 9/11, Saudia oppression of women, opposition to American foreign policy.

This was the Olympics, dammit!!! Give the lefty politics and diatribes about foreign policy a rest.

The commentary was shallow and offensive.

[UPDATE] Andrew Quinn, in the comments, calls me out on this one. Let me be more clear. No, freeing women isn’t a bad thing, but as Andrew will discover upon serious dating, free women can be a bad thing.

My point was that the Olympics should be free of political commentary, whether from the left or right. It should be about the sports, not about the politics of the countries involved.