This profile of Jessica Cutler, of Washingtonienne scandal, is just sad.

She tries to rationalize her sexual escapades. She tries to brush it off as no big deal and everybody does it.

What’s missing is responsibility. She blames her upbringing, her education, her parents’ divorce, the people who fired her. I don’t get a sense of shame, guilt, culpability, or responsibility from what she says. Maybe it is there, but I missed it.

It is sad really.

What I do get is instability. Instability in her life. She reminds me, prior to even knowing who she was — just on reports of what she had done — she reminds me of a dear friend of mine from law school who was very unstable and eventually killed herself.

What is troubling is that she is taking her fifteen minutes of fame, making lots of money off of it through the voluntary exploitation of herself, and then what? I don’t get that there is a long term plan here — no three year plan. Hell, there is no plan after the fifteen minutes are up.

She’s going to be forgotten. If she craves more attention, what the hell will she do, go porn?

Sad and tragic. Where is her father?