The primary in Georgia is winding down. I have three candidates for whom I am serving as primary strategist. They’ve done well.

The problem is that the Democrat I’m helping is, to some degree, dependent on Republican cross over that my other two guys need in their Republican primaries. I have put up a firewall around me in the Dem campaign. I don’t want to participate at all in driving up crossover.

Even with crossover, however, I think my GOPers are doing good. Mail has hit when it was suppose to. We’ve done targetted mail pieces to each county in each of their districts. We’re up on radio and one of them is on television. One has done automated phone calling.

I’m really more worried about the Democrat. There has been a huge shift in racial attitudes in this country. Now white voters are more willing to vote for a black candidate than the other way around. In any Democratic race with a black candidate in this area, you know the black candidate is going to get +80% of the vote. The trick is to hold them to as close to 80% as possible.

My guy, the white guy, is the only candidate with any experience to be County Chairman. I don’t just say that because I like him — it’s true. His opponent is running on a platform of 28 years political experience, but he is only in his mid-thirties.

My guy has been head of our county’s industrial authority and was County Engineer for 30 years. Hell, he built half the county.

But, the black voters are being told from the pulpits of the black churches to vote for the black candidate. They don’t care about the experience. It is frustrating.

By the way, tune in on the 21st to hear the conclusion to my cloak & daggar story.