Robert Novak agrees with my statement below. Actually, why wouldn’t he. I’m not the first to think it and surely won’t be the last.

This forbearance for the party’s internal differences can last no longer than Nov. 3, when President Bush’s fate will be settled. If Sen. John Kerry wins, the party’s left wing will press an agenda set aside to achieve electoral success. If Kerry loses, it will be worse. His campaign’s moderation will be blamed by forces insisting on moving left the next time. These alternative prospects project a future fully anticipated by sophisticated Democrats I talked to in Boston.

Novak also had this interesting tidbit:

The truth obscured by deception at the FleetCenter popped out in multiple ways. On Sunday, the day before the convention began, The New York Times-CBS poll of about one-fourth of the 4,322 convention delegates put them to the left of most Americans and most fellow Democrats — including John Kerry. Nine of 10 delegates polled totally oppose the Iraq war, three-fourths support abortion on demand, only 4 percent back tax cuts and only 5 percent oppose recognition of gay marriage.

Lefty bastards.