It is not politically correct for a white guy to say that black people get taken advantage of by the Democrats. No, when a white guy says that, the “black leaders” respond that they are with the Dems because we Republicans are racist pigs.

But, when you ask a black person one on one, as I have done repeatedly, more often than not they admit they feel ignored until election day. I can see why.

I’m working on a county wide race. It’s a democrat race — the only one I’ll probably ever do. There is a partisanship code assigned in the voter file to every voter. Those who vote D all the time are “1s”, those who vote R all the time are “5s”. The “2s” are those who vote Dem almost all the time, while rarely voting R and sometimes not showing up for a primary. The “4s” are like the “2s”, but leaning Republican.

The “3s” are people who split their vote about evenly or who don’t regularly vote in primaries, but do vote in the general election.

In my race, 17058 people voted in the 2000 Democratic primary in the county I’m in — 9434 white and 7624 black.

Of those, 7772 were coded “1”, 4399 were coded “2”, and 4887 were coded “3.” Obviously no “4s” or “5s” voted in the Democratic primary.

Let’s dig deeper. Of the 7772 hardcores, 5249 were black and 2523 were white.

Of the 4399 people labeled “2”, 2203 were black and 2196 were white.

Of the 4887 people who were moderates, labeled “3”, 172 were black and 4715 were white.

So, for those black voters who feel ignored, you brought it on yourself. You’ve bought into the lie that Republicans are racist and made your bed solidly in the Democrat camp. The Dems know you will not cross over, just as the Republicans know the evangelicals will not cross over. So, as a result the black voters are taken for granted by the Dems and the evangelicals are taken for granted by the Republicans.

The evangelicals at least understand this and sometimes stay home or dare to cross the party line. Until black voters regularly do the same, they will keep being taken advantage of by Democrats.

The sad thing is, my Democrat candidate is a white guy with 30 years of experience in government. He knows the issues, is extremely smart, and well liked. He is running against a young black guy with no experience. We can’t get any open support from the black community because they want to vote for, as we keep being told, “one of [their] own” even when they say, in the same breath, that our opponent has no experience.

The irony in all of this is that a lot of white voters in my county are going to vote for a black guy in the Republican primary — Herman Cain. Very few, if any, black voters are going to vote for the white guy in their primary.

We have reached a point in our society when white people will regularly vote for black candidates who the voters agree with. But, at the same time, black candidates are coming of age in politics and most black voters are inclined to vote for “one of [their] own” at the expense of experience and ability.

It is a reverse from thirty years ago when black voters who vote for a white guy and white voters would never vote for a black guy. It is a very interesting time.