Cuba on Reagan:

Cuba harshly criticized former President Ronald Reagan and his policies on Monday, saying he should “never have been born.”
In the first reaction to Reagan’s death from the communist government, Radio Reloj said:
“As forgetful and irresponsible as he was, he forgot to take his worst works to the grave,” the government radio station said.
“He, who never should have been born, has died,” the radio said.
The statement did not mention Cuba’s relationship with the United States under Reagan, a staunch foe of communism.
It also did not mention Reagan’s decision to order U.S. forces to invade the tiny Caribbean country of Grenada on Oct. 25, 1983, because Washington feared the island had grown too close to Cuba.
. . . .
“His apologists characterize him as the victor of the Cold War,” the radio said. “Those in the know knew that the reality was not so, but rather (he was) the destroyer of policies of detente in the overall quest for peace.”

Which I guess is the less direct way of saying “he reduced us to ‘crappy little state’ status and now our people are ready to do to us what the Poles did to the Soviets.”