The Leadership Institute program is quite good. There are a couple of instructors, however, who are a bit stuck on themselves and their ideology.

I’m an ideological person, but one of the instructors said he would rather stay home and have John Kerry get elected because Bush is just the lesser of two evils, but is still evil because he doesn’t do enough on abortion and gun rights and shrinking government. Only the libertarian in the crowd agreed.

And that’s the problem with this guy. He is such a true believer, he’d rather lose the battle or the war instead of compromising.

I’m ideological, but I’m also practical. I understand that I’m never going to get a liberal to come to my side in one giant leap. But, I bet that through a series of steps I can pull someone, or the nation, in my direction.

This guy wants all or nothing and that’s a crappy way to work — and a damn ineffective way to work.

I googled his name. He said he ran for office several times. He apparently was in a three way Republican primary at one time. He thought the other two Republicans weren’t conservative enough. So, he threw a bunch of firebombs towards the other guys. The Republican voters were pissed off and would not vote for the guy. So, one of the Republicans, mortally wounded, went into the race in a Republican district and lost to the Democrat.

Both parties need true believers and bomb throwers, but we don’t need thiem that much or in that large of a capacity.