Runaway Bull


The local newspaper reports

A bull jumped into the crowd Friday night at the Georgia National Rodeo at the Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter, sending two people to the hospital and injuring eight others.

The bull jumped into one of the box seats at about 10 p.m., as nearly 4,000 people watched the final event of the night at the Reaves Arena, said Michele Treptow, director of public relations for the Agricenter.

“He just up and jumped up there for whatever reason. It’s just a freak accident,” said Treptow, who was seated across the arena from the incident.

The rodeo staff immediately secured the bull and removed it from the arena, she said.

Nothing like that has happened in the 13 previous rodeos at the arena, Treptow said.

By sheer coincidence, a guy I work with was at the rodeo with his dad and nephew. He had his handy dandy digital camera and emailed around the following pictures.



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  • So how were the people injured? From looking at the picture, where all you see are people’s backsides as they run, I’m wondering if the bull got to anybody or not?

  • i was there! it was so fun…. i was in the box seats about 8 feet away from where the bull jumped in. to tell you the truth, i wasn’t actually scared…. i didn’t really feel anything. time seemed to go too fast yet in slow motion at the same time. of course i was smart enough to climb over the railing behind me before the bull made it into my section. I don’t know much about how the people were injured, but i do know that one guy was trampled all over by the bull. I’m guessing that some of them got hurt trying to get away from the bull because they were all pushing past each other. anyways i went to the bathroom during the break right after that and outside of the bathroom was a guy waiting on his wife to get out and he was shaking REALLY badly. He said that he had been right next to where the bull had jumped in. It was fun…. i wanted to be a female bull rider and i still do… it only made me want to be one even more. and half or the guys i know, even the ones that are older than me(i’m 13 by the way, about to be 14) wouldn’t dare get close to a bull, especially not after that… but it was fun, i got a cowboy hat even tho i’m kinda punk…. and i’ve been wearing the hat around. talk to u later

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