There are few things that really get under my skin. But, the fact that Aristide can say he was kidnapped by us and the Black Caucus would rather believe him than the President does get under my skin.

Black legislators are generally stereotyped as corrupt players of the racism card. Maxine Waters and Aristide do not help that image.

Call me racist if it makes you feel better, but it truly disgusts me when we treat some communist thug as legitimate when he is black and says “whitey” kidnapped him. That the media gives this legitimacy is reverse racism in action and self hatred to boot.

Sure, Aristide may have been elected. But, so was Castro. If they were white, the Black Caucus would be calling for their heads. Because they are black non-white, the Black Caucus will defend them until they’ve slaughtered the opposition.

It is a disgrace.

By the way, what bugs me even more is that because I am not of any non-caucasian persuasion, supposedly I can’t say anything like I just wrote without being an evil bigot. Of course, a black or hispanic person can’t say it either without being told they are just a dark skinned cracker.

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