Why Kerry Probably Won’t Win


I just heard in talking on FNC and nearly fell asleep. Nyquil campaigns generally don’t work.

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  • Dear Andrew,
    Thanks very much for checking out my blog. I appreciate it when readers leave comments like yours here. And yes, as you say, “this blog is the mark of a true [R]epublican.” Thank you for pointing out the Zogby survey that finds that “[my] President now…

  • Ahh.. this blog is the mark of a true republican. Opinionated to the point of closed-mindedness. Blatant disregarding of the facts in headlines such as “Nobody Likes Kerry” when your President now has more people that disapprove of him than people that approve (http://www.zogby.com) and who has lost as many jobs second only to the Great Depression. Please stop obviously making things up just to desperately clinging to your soon-to-be-Ex President.

    Respectfully disagreeing with you,
    Andrew Quinn

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