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Claudia Winkler is right:

THE WORST THING about the collapse of the Howard Dean phenomenon is that it cuts short our acquaintance with the most appealing figure to emerge from the Democratic primaries–Dr. Judith Steinberg, as they know her at the office, and after hours, Judy Dean.

The most appealing figure, and the author of the most memorable line: “I’m not a thing person.” In third-millennium America! A woman without cable TV, innocent of malls and makeovers, who says that she has everything she wants! Yet no dreary bluestocking, either, or preachy crusader for voluntary simplicity. A career woman, yet no Bobo. A straightforward, serious person whose priorities, by her own telling–and we have no reason to doubt her–are her husband, her son still in high school, and her work.

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  • You know Erick, I keep thinking that somewhere along the line, Kerry’s wife will say something to hurt him. I think Kerry will be wishing that he had a wife like Howard Dean’s before this is all over with.

  • Oh, you’re right. At some point she is going to let some racist bit slip through her lips as she has done in the past. This woman is Howard Dean with bigger hair and breasts. At some point she will choke when both her feet lodge in her throat.

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