It’s About Time


Expectations are high for a speech President Bush is to make today before the Republican members of the National Governors Association meeting in Washington. The speech is expected to be the rollout of the Bush campaign stump speech he will use over the next few months in the lead up to the fall run for re-election.

“He’s primed. Perhaps we’re a few weeks earlier than we planned,” says a Bush campaign adviser. “But the polls, the public are telling us its time to get moving and get this campaign up and running.”

At the same time that Bush will be making his speech, the Bush campaign is expected to start running TV and radio time in selected cities around the country. The image ads are again the first real Republican salvo in the 2004 race. “John Kerry and Terry McAuliffe have been getting a free ride at our expense long enough,” says the campaign adviser. “Now they are going to have to start playing a little defense.”

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