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Tomfoolery Comments like this are why I like Brian over at Tomfoolery of the Highest Order.

To watch Jesus suffer like that, for our sins, was the most upsetting experience I had in a movie theatre since I saw Snoopy Come Home on re-release when I was 5. And, like Snoopy Come Home, I cried on the way home thinking about it.

Honesty, but in the words of Lewis Grizzard, “damn brother, I don’t believe I’da told that one.”

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  • Erick,

    My mother loves telling that story, about how I was upset for days over that movie. I vaguely remember it myself. The Passion was the first movie that affected me like that since. Besides, I like telling the truth about myself. I like blogs that relay personal stories, so I figure that I must do the same thing.

    While it was a weak comparison, think about how a movie like Snoopy Come Home affected a 5 year old, compared to how a 32 year was affected by The Passion. Totally different, yet totally the same.

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