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EconoPundit had a running commentary on the Kerry interview this morning. Kerry denied the Drudge story and said there was nothing there.

Bush said there was nothing there on the National Guard story, but the media is still pursuing it. Will this be a double standard issue? Will the Kerry affair die and the Bush non-story continue?


I still think the “Gigolo John” story is the avenue worth pursuing.

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  • Even if Kerry screwed someone, at least he hasn’t f***** a whole nation like Dumbia has. Why are Republicans so interested in the Democrats
    sex lives??? Must be a new slant on an old saying, “Those who can, do. Those that can’t,
    want you to be as miserable as they are.” You Republicans are Repulsive to the bone, and just a bunch of cry babies. George W. Bush is practically illiterate, a bafoon, and basically a two-faced liar and coward. WE KNOW he was a coke-head, pot smoker, boozer and womanizer, and THOSE traits do have people to back it up unlike his “Reserve” playtime.
    So, Eric, (are you the jerk from GR?) say what you want. Sleep with Drudge and all the other pathetic liars in your club. You all deserver each other.

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