The Anglicans drift further into heresy:

The Three Wise Men who followed the star to Bethlehem bearing gifts for the baby Jesus may not have been all that wise — or even men.

The traditional infant nativity play scene could be in for a drastic rewrite after the Church of England indulged in some academic gender-swapping over the three Magi at its General Synod in London this week.

A committee revising the latest prayer book said the term “Magi” was a transliteration of the name used by officials at the Persian court, and that they could well have been women.

We are made to conform to the image of God. Yet, now the Anglicans conform God to our image. If we cannot rest of a firm foundation, why have a house at all?

In Bible study tonight, I heard a phrase I like, “meandering through a maze of mediocrity.” That is where the Anglicans have been for a while. They apparently will not find their way out any time soon.

(Hat tip to John Derbyshire)