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My sister is pushing the case of her daughter’s kindergraten teacher. The lady has a doctorate and a background in Christian psychology. She is currently going through a bitter divorce with a smooth talking husband who apparently was not the nicest of husbands.

The teacher had custody of her child until the ex-husband filed a complaint with Tennessee’s Child Welfare agency saying the teacher was abusing their daughter.

Without a hearing, the agency transfered the child to the husband, pending review. The teacher went to see her daughter and to her horror found that the child had been beaten black and blue.

She went to the agency and demanded they immediately remove her daughter from her ex-husband’s care. The agency refused on the grounds that the teacher had no proof with her.

The child was interviewed by the agency and came out of her interview crying. She said that the agency employee smacked her when she said her father was abusing her. The employee did not believe the child and thought the child was lying.

My sister is now on a crusade to help the teacher get her child back. It’s amazing. When she first started telling me all of this, I thought the husband must be a Saudi and took the kid back. No, no. He lives in Tennessee.


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  • It sure stinks that this happened. It also stinks that you include racist remarks on this page that really turned me off. So the guy is a jerk, he must be Arab? Perhaps you would have more success finding the support you want if you didn’t come across as such an obvious bigot.

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