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Hugh Hewitt has thoughts on the Texas redistricting. He’s right. K Street will start the money flowing:

The new map locks the current Republican domination of the House into place at least until 2012 and probably until 2022. It is hard to see where Democrats can find a population trend sufficiently large to undo the 30 to 40 seat margin the GOP should have after the dust clears in November.

K Street has done the math by now, and expect the checks to continue flowing to the victors and to increase in velocity and size. Republicans remember well what it was like to be the distinct minority in the House without a prayer of majority status. The lean years are coming to the House Democrats, and they won’t be limited to seven. As a result, expect more retirements from the aging warriors of the left. The absolute best part of dynamic is the reduction of Henry Waxman to the status of third-tier cable guest.

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