Mark Steyn is great. Here is his look at all of the “un-Deans.”

John Kerry is the tall, aloof Vietnam veteran who enjoys saying that George W. Bush went into Iraq ‘without a plan’. Au contraire, Kerry went into New Hampshire without a plan. He’s been here longer than the Third Infantry Division’s been in Iraq and he’s bogged down in a Vietnam-style quagmire without an exit strategy, surrounded by a local population that’s increasingly hostile. Well, okay, increasingly indifferent. His principal contribution to the campaign is that he’s the only candidate to use the f-word on the record, in reference to the President f-ing things up. He likes to draw attention to the fact that he has the same initials as another patrician Massachusetts Democrat: JFK. Few of us knew what Kerry’s F stood for, but it turns out it stands for J F**K and not, as I’d assumed, John Finishing-school Kerry (he went to one in Switzerland).