Smells Fishy


I am not suggesting a conspiracy or anything odd, but it does seem fishy to me that as of a week to two weeks ago Howard Dean was it, Kerry was over, and Edwards was no where.

Today, Dean is through, Kerry is in renaissance, and Edwards is the next best thing.

I don’t think there is a conspiracy to destroy Dean. I do think that the media is tired of reporting on him and wants a new story.

But, I don’t know that the story is accurate — just new.

I was just listening to Rush Limbaugh who says the same thing and is equally at a loss as to how to articulate it without sounding conspiratorial.

He says he just recently had breakfast with a national party official — not necessarily of the GOP — and that person said Dean had it in the bag already.

I think the media is too driven by momentum stories and not by organization stories. Organization is boring and takes more than 60 seconds to explain. Momentum is easy to explain and the media kids can “feel” it. We all can. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will carry someone to victory.

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