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Priests in the Diocese of La Crosse must withhold Communion to Catholic lawmakers who support abortion or euthanasia, according to a decree from Bishop Raymond L. Burke. It’s an act some worry will hurt the future of Catholics in politics.

Should we be worried about Catholics in politics, or should we be worried about those who claim to practice in a denomination with certain beliefs and then publically reject those beliefs. I say the next step is excommunication for Ted Kennedy. Then we’ll know the church is serious.

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  • Is it unreasonable to expect a politician to have a code of ethics? I know people who are not Catholic who oppose abortion, cloning and stem cell research. Do Jews, Muslims or Protestants ignore their religious tenets when they are involved in public service? Unfortunately, I think a lot of them do. I don’t think it has to be a question of Catholic first and senator (or whatever public service) second, but if these Catholic politicians don’t truly believe in what the Church teaches, they’re not true Catholic and should not participate in the sacraments.

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