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Kerry is dull, Gephardt had class, Dean was nuts, and Edwards was polite.

Edwards plays well with the women. Do his looks have something to do with it? Should people be permitted to vote if they are voting on looks?

Kerry is dull.

Dean will probably have grand last stand in New Hampshire. He’ll get Garafolo, Sheen, etc. up there to campaign and the star factor will help him.

Kerry is dull.

Wesley Clark gambled on New Hampshire and lost. The pile up in Iowa puts all the attention on Kerry, Edwards, and a Dean come back. Clark is no longer today’s story — John Edwards is.

Kerry is promising health care as a right.

Kerry is dull.

Ted Kennedy looks like a beached whale.

Kerry is dull.

Will Kerry’s voice hold up until the New Hampshire primary.

I hope not because Kerry is dull.

Doesn’t this look like it did a while back. Kerry and Edwards were the it kids at the beginning of 2003. Here we are at the beginning of 2004.

But, Dean has the money still. Though never underestimate the trial lawyers.

There is a new theory out that Edwards may get it and still lose, which would push the Dems farther left on the theory that they should have gone with Dean this time. Ramesh Ponnuru was the first to raise this, I think. Now I hear Mickey Kaus and others are raising it.

Did I mention that Kerry is dull.

Why don’t these damn t.v. pundits feel as bad about blowing it as I do? Never admit you’re wrong I guess.

Oh yeah. You know it’s coming. Kerry is dull.


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