Making Rumsfeld Look Ineffective


I am no military analyst. I have a bit of trouble analyzing this WaPo report:

With Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld pressuring the Pentagon to take a more aggressive role in tracking down terrorists, military and intelligence officials are engaged in a fierce debate over when and how elite military units should be deployed for maximum effectiveness.

Under Rumsfeld’s direction, secret commando units known as hunter-killer teams have been ordered to “kick down the doors,” as the generals put it, all over the world in search of al Qaeda members and their sympathizers.

The approach has succeeded in recent months in Iraq, as Special Operations forces have helped capture Saddam Hussein and other Baathist loyalists. But in other parts of the world, particularly Afghanistan, these soldiers and their civilian advocates have complained to superiors that the Pentagon’s counterterrorism policy is too inflexible in the use of Special Forces overall and about what units are allowed to chase down suspected terrorists, according to former commandos and a Defense Department official.

It appears, though, that this is more Army backbiting. Rumsfeld, no doubt, is a smart enough guy to understand that if the Green Berets are closest to Osama, they should be sent out if capable.

The article is filled with “sources” speaking on behalf of the Green Berets and talking about how, while Rumsfeld is trying, he’s not doing the reformation properly.

I don’t know. You guys who are better experts tell me. Is this article an admission that the battle against reform was lost ot Rumsfeld, so now the front has been moved to “how to reform.”

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