Clark Peters Out


Clark Express Is Losing Speed says WaPo:

The appearance had a bit of a slapped-together feeling. In an auditorium that was packed for former Vermont governor Howard Dean a week ago, more than two dozen empty seats greeted retired Army Gen. Wesley K. Clark on Friday. . . .

The whole event was “a mistake,” campaign spokesman Matt Bennett allowed afterward, and a far cry from the hundreds of happy supporters who met Clark 10 hours later at a rally in Derry with actor Ted Danson. But it was a fair nutshell for the struggles of the Clark campaign with four days to go to the New Hampshire primary. Having hoped for a surge, Clark has been battling stagnation, spending precious days explaining past positions, grappling with current controversies, and trying to fine-tune both his rhetoric and his campaign organization.

I think the whole campaign was a mistake. I’m pro-life, but I think this campaign should just abort.

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