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Britney Spears got married this morning, and then promptly annulled it. What a waste of a life. Her father is dismal and her mother an oppotunist who has ridden her daughter out of Kentwood, LA to greener pastures.

Britney has felt the need for attention since she was little and this is just an attention getting stunt.

[Full Disclosure: She and I are cousins.]

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  • I’m just curious…do you get a chance to speak to Britney frequently? Every since she did that very controversial cover of Rolling Stone (the very first one), I’ve been trying to figure out what her situation was. Were her parents pushing her to do outrageous things for the sake of her career, or was she calling the shots and her parents went along with whatever she wanted to avoid angering her and possibly getting cut off. I mean no disrespect or offence; I was just curious as to your view, since you are much closer to the situation. How does the rest of the family feel? Thanks.

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