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Mark A. Kilmer’s “wife assures [him] that 9 out of 10 women are smarter than men.” My wife says the same thing. Since Mrs. Erickson and Mrs. Kilmer don’t know each other, they must be cooperating in the vast multiwing feminist conspiracy.

This is the same group that puts out commercials like the new Mastercard commercial that portray men as idiots and dolts. All humoursly done mind you, but reinforcing the image of the white man as incompetent. Considering we conquered the world, that’s not the case, but white men are the only category of people that the vast minority conspiracy can insult with politically incorrect slurs.

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  • Note from your wife who is obviously not part of the vast feminist conspiracy: When the iron skillet swings, you’d better duck quick!

    Now come on, Erick, you know better than to even joke about calling your wife a feminist. You will have a whole mob of angry women on our doorstep wanting to know why you have a woman cooped up in the house baking, knitting, and doing other domestic goddess type activities. Never mind that I work. They would only see that I work to make a man’s life easier, and we would never get them out of the front yard. Ugh! I really don’t think the neighbors would appreciate it.

    So don’t call me a feminist. Call me a southern girl who grew up playing football on the playground with the boys, worked in the yard with her Daddy, and can take care of herself. If she needs help with the light work, she has her Daddy, her big brother, her big bro in law, and her nephews to kick some butt for her.

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