I have started using Firebird, a Mozilla broswer, as opposed to Internet Explorer. I like it. You can get it here.

The look is nicer, you can browse with tabs (you’ve got to try that), and it just “feels” better — however smarmy that sounds.

I like the tab browsing. It makes it easier to blog. I can set up a bookmark folder with all the news sites I regularly visit and then set them to open in tabs. They open all at once and I just click a tab to view the site, close when done, and the next tab appears. It speeds things up.

As a lawyer, tabbing is great too. I’ve set up westlaw, findlaw, the georgia.gov site, and several other government sites to load in tabs. The research speeds up and the use speeds up.

It is convenient.

I read recently, I can’t remember where, that Microsoft’s culture prevents cool innovation. I think they are right. This is an example. You won’t get something like Firebird from Microsoft.

At home on my Mac I use Camino — also a mozilla browser, but designed using the cocoa interface of OSX. It is beautiful.