While driving into work this


While driving into work this morning, Ari Flischer (sp?) was on the local radio show. He will be in town next week for a business forum. Ari started talking about the President. It’s apparent that Ari really likes the guy. That struck me as somewhat different from how a lot of people view a lot of other presidents, including the most recent ones.

Sure, they’re all liked, but they aren’t all respected, per se, and a lot of times the “like” is on an intellectual level. For example (yeah, you knew this would be the example), a whole lot of the people who worked with Clinton liked him as President, they liked the thought process, they liked the conversation, etc. But, on a personal level, a lot didn’t like him because of his lack of self control and his desire to please absolutely everybody.

It seems to be different with Bush. There is a genuine like of the person. You could hear it in Ari’s voice. He likes Bush the person and that is trancended by his admiration of Bush the President.

I think a large number of people feel that way about the guy — “he’s just one of us.” Capturing that will be the secret of his re-election or failure to grasp re-election.

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