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Glenn Reynolds weighs in on the Howard Kurtz piece from over the weekend, with a sound and fundamental point.

“[W]hile the hatred on both sides may spring from a similar source, I think that this variety of hatred is likely to be even more destructive for Democrats than Clinton-hatred was for Republicans. The reason is the difference between the two parties.

Stereotypically, Republicans are seen as tough (especially on crime and national security) and smart — but a bit nasty. Democrats, on the other hand, have been stereotyped as a bit muddle-headed, and maybe a bit wimpy (especially on matters like crime and national security) but fundamentally nice.

In fact, the deep appeal of niceness to modern American culture underscores most of the successes of the Democratic party, along with the more general phenomenon of political correctness — people would rather go along even with dumb policies than seem, well, mean.”

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