Calblog is discussing Star Trek.


Calblog is discussing Star Trek. I really liked it when I was growing up. In fact, TNG didn’t come on until 11pm on Sunday nights where I lived in Louisiana. I’d stay up until midnight on Sundays and watch it, then get up the next morning and drag myself to high school.

I think that TNG got way to preachy at times. It was no longer about exploring and beating the hell out of other civilizations, it was about diplomacy, etc. I wanted a western in outer space, what Star Trek was intended to be.

I thought DS9 got too confusing and wrapped in nonsense. At least when they went to war it was cool. But, I didn’t care about any of the characters.

This current Enterprise show is crap. I watched the entire first season. It, like the others wound up, is mired in PC nonsense. The Vulcans are too controlling, the ship doesn’t do much, and the characters feel restrained. I’m disappointed.

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