Luke Skywalker is not in the poster. Why? Mark Hamil, the actor, is listed in the movie.

I’m wondering if he is the masked bad guy.

Seriously. Now, I know someone else is playing that guy, but why not be Luke Skywalker? I’m not really into Star Wars fiction, but I know there was a pretty big plot line that Luke Skywalker eventually went over to the Dark Side before coming back. Again, it was a pretty significant part of the post Return of the Jedi Star Wars fiction.

It seems really, really weird that Luke Skywalker, the key figure of the second part of Star Wars, would be nowhere in that poster unless he is there, behind a red light saber and a mask.

Yeah, yeah, yeah Kylo Ren. I get it. But Darth Vader’s real name is Anakin Skywalker.

Just saying . . .