This is another not good sign for the Rand Paul campaign. He needs Iowa, New Hampshire, or South Carolina to spring board into the SEC Primary and he does not have Iowa. It sounds like New Hampshire is not doing well either.

His recent fundraising numbers are disappointing, his poll numbers are atrocious in places like New Hampshire where he should be thriving, a former top aide is on trial facing bribery charges, and his campaign’s latest digital stunt was an embarrassing flop.

I think Rand Paul needs to go focus on the Senate. But I also think Rand Paul will be in the Presidential race well after Jeb Bush drops out. Paul is hard headed. If you tell him to do X, he will undoubtedly do Y. It is also why his campaign is floundering around.

It’s just sad. The guy had real potential and his campaign squandered it all. The least he could do is have a campaign shake up instead of sticking with the team that’s gotten him down to 2% in the polls.

Here’s my previous piece on that matter.