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Can We All Just Be Honest Here For a Minute?


Seriously, you know and I know that all the people screaming the loudest in defense of President Trump after the Michael Cohen guilty plea would be screaming bloody murder for impeachment if Donald Trump had a “D” next to his name. Their defenses are not in good faith, but in defense of partisan turf protection and, in some cases, income protection. But, in fairness, most of the...

The Truth About Randolph County, Georgia


Randolph County, in Southwest Georgia near Albany, wants to close and consolidate seven of its nine voting precincts into two. Democrats and the ACLU have seized upon this story to claim Republicans want to steal the election from Stacey Abrams. The facts do not bear that out. It is unfortunate we are living in such hyper partisan times that a nothing-burger of a story can be pushed into the...

Contra Pundits, Donald Trump Did Not Have a Bad Day


Manafort is found guilty by a jury. None of those charges were related to anything connected to President Trump. Though it shows the Mueller team can build a prosecution case, it also shows that some charges are beyond a jury’s ability to process and sort out. It seems the Manafort jurors split the baby as best they could. Michael Cohen, the President’s lawyer, pleads guilty. Yes...

The Catholic Church Scandal And the Herd Mentality of the Press


To read the grand jury report in Pennsylvania about the child abuse committed by priests within the Catholic Church is to read a diary of evil. Through these men Satan has preyed on Christ’s bride. The story is a familiar one. It goes back more than a decade in pattern and practice. The story is also one of a failure of a free press. I know the press has, through various media outlets...

The Real Reason Twitter is a Garbage Platform


We could spend all day analyzing Twitter’s problems. It is a group of progressive programmers in California seeking to control and regulate human behavior on a platform that inherently brings out the worst in people. It’s a place where free speech purists are confronting the ugliness of humanity and having to make tough decisions. But none of those are really why Twitter is a garbage...

I Don’t Care About John Brennan


John Brennan, at the height of the Cold War, voted for the Communist Party candidate for President. He claims it was a protest against the corrupt system in Washington. Brennan seems to go left when he wants to protest. Why is that relevant? Well, during the Age of Trump a lot of people like to say that character is what you do when no one is looking. John Brennan voted for the Commie when no one...

I’m Going to Start This By Saying I Don’t Mean to Offend Anyone


I have a lot of friends who go to or are pastors at mega-churches. In particular, I have friends who go to or work at or are lead pastors at churches were the preacher is beamed, via satellite, to other church campuses. I don’t like this approach. First, kudos to the pastor who draws in regularly several thousand people. But, I think ultimately that risks it becoming about the pastor and...

Fascinating Conversation Between @CrossPolitic and @JonathanMerritt


I hope you will listen to this conversation between the guys at CrossPolitic and Jonathan Merritt.. Jonathan has a new book out that I have not read yet (the story of my life these days). I’m more intrigued to read it after this conversation. What struck me most, however, was Jonathan’s defense of female pastors. I understand him feeling the need to go on defense and, essentially...

Laura Ingraham Is Not Racist, But She Is Wrong


The leftwing blowback against Laura Ingraham comes from the same place Ingraham’s comments come from. The left quickly stomped on her comments made on Fox News the other day about immigration. They called her “racist” for comments suggesting people are coming here who we did not want and who are fundamentally changing the culture away from something that is American...

The Alex Jones Situation Was Handled Poorly By the Press and the Tech Companies


I do not want to single out any reporters as I don’t think any of them is actually malicious or bad at what they do. They’re actually very good and don’t want them harassed. But I have seen several good reporters noting that Facebook and the other tech companies only tossed Jones after the press pointed out repeatedly that Jones was violating the tech companies’ terms of...

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