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The Labor Day Bump For the Democrats Shouldn’t Be Ignored


There is a Democrat wave coming that is more likely than not going to cost the Republicans the House. While I suspect the wave will actually impact voting the most in already Democrat leaning areas, there are enough suburban Republican seats that are in play that the Democrats should win with a comfortable margin. But I also think the latest polling needs to be put in perspective. Much of that...

We Are an Extraordinary People


I talked to a man last night on my radio show whose son was in eleventh grade on September 11, 2001. His son decided then and there he’d join the Army to take the fight to the enemy. An explosion in Iraq took his son’s life. The son lingered for some time, but ultimately died. I talked to a man in a dead end job who quit after the towers fell and joined the Army. A lady told of her...

Dear Democrats, Please Learn This One Lesson From Our Mistakes


This is an interesting read in the Washington Post about Hollywood liberals wanting to flip the House. There is this interesting tidbit along the way: “We’re raising presidential-election-level dollars to take back the House,” said Andy Spahn, a political adviser to some of Hollywood’s biggest donors. But the giving is causing concern among some Democratic strategists, who privately worry that...

The Trouble With Ben Sasse


Ben Sasse talks a fantastic game. When he laments a Congress whose members would rather be TV pundits than lawmakers, people cheer. When he talks about Congress not fulfilling its core functions, people take notice. But the response from some is that Sasse himself is all talk and no action. The growing chorus from Trump supporters it that Ben Sasse is a disloyal do-nothing who criticizes the...

This “Deep State Coup” Conspiracy Spin is Cheap Punditry


I don’t mean to insult long time friends of mine, but this “deep state” stuff relating to the anonymous op-ed in the New York Times and the Bob Woodward book excerpts is rather cheap punditry. This is not a deep state conspiracy, but a conspiracy of people hand picked by President Trump. It is not embeds of the Obama Administration, but Republican operatives who opposed Trump...

This is Many Things, But it is Not a Constitutional Crisis


The odds are neither you nor I know who the author of this op-ed is. There are plenty of senior administration officials and we can conclude that this is someone familiar with conversations of cabinet secretaries and the national security apparatus. We can probably presume this person is on their way out as well. We cannot, however, presume that by “senior administration official”...

We Need a Little More Cross and a Little Less Empty Tomb


I was thinking about this after the McCain funeral and the reaction to it on both sides. Then there’s the Kavanaugh hearing. Then there’s the general crop of people who have decided they hate the other side. Then there was the Gary Kasparov tweet saying no one should ever forgive anyone who supported Trump. Jesus of Nazareth, when nailed to the cross, summoned the strength to audibly...

On Chuck Todd, Roger Ailes, and the Press


A lot of people are reacting to Chuck Todd’s piece in The Atlantic (full disclosure: I know and like Chuck and appear occasionally on Meet the Press, including this coming week). It seems a lot of those commenting on his piece are reacting to the picture and subtitle about Roger Ailes than they are the substance of his piece and preferred solution. When Roger Ailes hired me at Fox, he took...

The Truth About Google’s Biases Against Conservatives


Google has some real biases against conservatives. You can see it in the picture I’ve made above of a search for pictures of the word “idiot”. There is a pretty clear pattern. But allow me to really explain what is going on because it is not what you think. By way of background on how I know what I’m about to tell you, right now, I am looking at moving The Resurgent to a...

The Democrats’ Delegitimization Campaign Is Dangerous Too


The media is obsessed with President Trump’s attacks on the justice system. “Critics fear Trump’s attacks are doing lasting damage to the justice system,” read the headline on the Washington Post’s website. But the media willfully ignores the Democrats’ campaign to delegitimize our entire constitutional structure. Consider the Merrick Garland situation and the...

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