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You Can’t Fight That Way


There is a movement afoot on the right to embrace tactics the left embraces in public, namely harassing politicians, chasing them out of restaurants, and otherwise engaging in mob like tactics. But there is a problem with this and I think conservatives, particularly faith based conservatives, need to avoid these tactics. I think the embrace of movements on the right that behave like Antifa and...

Democrats Are Losing Because They Believed Their Own Press


“We’ve got to be more ruthless,” more than one Democrat strategist has proclaimed since Saturday’s vote to put Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. They’ve just gone through three weeks of a targeted, organized character assassination of a Supreme Court nominee and think they need to be more ruthless. Ponder that for a minute. But the real issue here is that the...

Senate Republicans Must Confirm Brett Kavanaugh Now


Christine Blasey Ford made for a strong witness before the United States Senate. She came across as compelling and sympathetic. It seems clear something happened to her at some point in her life. But Rachel Mitchell performed masterfully yesterday exposing the action against Brett Kavanaugh as a leftwing character assassination. Questioning Ford, Mitchell established that Ford’s legal team:...

Why I Do Not Believe the Accusers


Several people I very much respect have asked me for an explanation of why I am willing to assert the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh are false instead of keeping an open mind. Given my respect for those people, I will lay out my thinking and your mileage may vary. First, let me set three parameters specifically with regard to Christine Blasey Ford. I do not dispute that she could have been...

Maybe the Hardy Boys or Sherlock Holmes Can Investigate the Kavanaugh Accusation


Just the other day, Professor Ford’s lawyer said on television that Ford looked forward to being able to share what happened to her. Now they are demanding the FBI investigate a purported sexual assault that is outside the jurisdiction of the FBI instead of testifying before the Senate. Perhaps the Hardy Boys or Sherlock Holmes could investigation as fictional detectives might do a better...

Don’t Turn to Pharaoh. Turn to God.


I always think it sounds crazy to say stuff like this, but here goes — I was on the treadmill yesterday and just distinctly and overwhelmingly had the need, not just urge, to read Exodus 5. That is the most random thing ever, I realize. Of all the bits and pieces in the Bible, I am doing 7 mph on a treadmill and suddenly overcome with the unshakable conviction I must slow down the...

Abortion Is Killing More Than Kids. It’s Killing Our Constitutional Institutions.


If the Supreme Court of the United States overturned Roe v. Wade tomorrow, abortion would become a state level issue. States in progressive control could permit abortion till birth. States in conservative control could ban abortion. People who lived in states where abortion was restricted could travel to states that allow abortion and have one with no penalty from their home state. Entirely new...

Meet the Accuser in Private, If At All


A man faces accusations from a woman that he did something indecent in high school once. Democrats are playing a high stakes game on this single accusation from a woman whose financial giving, though small, suggests Democrat ties and more likely than not hostilities to the perceived positions of the nominee. I do not think Republicans should give a single accuser of a three decades old claim from...

The Senate GOP Should Not Treat the Kavanaugh Accusation As Credible


38 years after Roy Moore did inappropriate things with Leigh Corfman, Corfman came forward publicly to the Washington Post and told her story. Democrats are citing Corfman as proof the GOP should treat accusations against Brett Kavanaugh from high school as credible. Except there are some major differences. Corfman told multiple people around the time Moore behaved inappropriately with her. Just...

I Agree About Puerto Rico, But This Will Make You Mad


The death toll in Puerto Rico is several thousand. President Trump is wrong to dismiss the dead. He is wrong to tell loved ones of the dead that their dead do not count. Thousands of people died in the aftermath of the hurricane due to lack of power, lack of clean water, etc. It all followed from the hurricane and is directly related thereto. But here’s the part that will get you mad. If...

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