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Listen to a Panel of Undecided Voters

You can listen to my conversation with 35 undecided Republican voters here. One note — I kinda forgot it was on radio so for the first 15 minutes did a terrible job of explaining the hand raises. I promise I improved.


The Key is The Switch

There’s this thing happening out there called “the internet of things.” Basically, manufacturers want to sell you the best and greatest and must have thing. They ran out of options once they put a TV in your refrigerator so they had to come up with something new. So they decided the internet should be everywhere


Grown Up Hot Chocolate

I made this last night and put the initial picture on Instagram. Lots of people wanted the recipe so here it is. Grown Up Hot Chocolate 1 (14-ounce) can sweetened condensed milk 1/2 cup cocoa or shaved bittersweet chocolate (I actually like the Williams-Sonoma Hot Chocolate mix) 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1/8 teaspoon salt

Faith and Culture

The Glorious Impossible

Nine years ago this past week my wife was given six months to live. On the same day that we received that diagnosis, I lost my job. I spent the afternoon exhausted, sitting in mud, cradling my one year old in the rain, while I cried. Having left the hospital to get my child from

Hey Look! Turns Out Willing Officials Can Make Compromises

The Democratic Party, as it has gotten more and more secular, is unwilling to do the things necessary for people who disagree to peacefully coexist. It should have been an easy thing to keep Kim Davis out of jail in Kentucky. But Democrats refused to do anything. The Governor would not issue an executive order.

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Marco Rubio’s Path to Victory

If Rubio fizzles in Iowa, unable to get third there, and then fizzles in New Hampshire, he starts to slow down significantly as voters and the press look to see who did better than Rubio in New Hampshire. If it is Chris Christie, we’re going to hear a lot about him as we head to South Carolina. And because of Christie’s terrible gun views, the south is going to consolidate even more quickly to Ted Cruz. That makes it harder for Rubio to regain any momentum.

Sponsorship Opportunities for the New Site

As I’ve mentioned, this site is morphing into something new on January 4th. I won’t be doing traditional advertising or Google ads. Instead, the site will be by weekly sponsorship. If you have a product, service, or business that would like to be a sponsor, details are below. Weeks not listed are available. If you

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