I must say that I

I must say that I am disappointed by the whole China in space story. Good for Peking and all. However, there are some things that superpowers should do, just to say, “Hey, I’m the BSD* on this planet. You may go to space, but we go to the moon.” We don’t do that any more. We should.

It makes little sense for us to go to the moon or to Mars. It makes very little economic sense. But dammit we should do it just to prove we’re the best and biggest BSD ever to swing across the earth. And, make no mistake, we are the best. But we won’t remain so unless we get off our butts and back into space.

At the rate we’re going, China will surpass us. We may not rub it in that we’re a BSD, but you can bet your butt the Chicoms will.

*BSD:Big Swinging [male organ]. With compliments to John Derbyshire.

[Update: I almost forgot, Derb also invented the word “bleg,” usually a verb meaning to solicit reader help through a blog post, e.g. “Jonah Goldberg and Rich Lowry notoriously bleg for data from NRO readers to assist their own research for their writings.”]

This is indicative of what

This is indicative of what is wrong with Disney. It has fallen victim to political correctness and liberal causes.

I used to be a huge fan of Disney. My wife and I would go check out some of their animated fare. At some point after the Lion King, the movies started being invaded by liberal norms, cliques, and stupid dialogue.

When I go to a movie, I want to be absorbed into the show and forget about the outside world. By way of example, Star Wars was true fantasy. It appeared to be like our world, but was so utterly different that it made me forget about where I was. But, in Attack of the Clones, there is that stupid scene in the diner with the “death sticks.” All I could think is that too much of our reality invaded the movie and the movie was no longer another world that had similar traits as our own, but was our world wallpapered over with bad writing and political correctness. The rest of the movie had a taint.

The same goes for Disney movies. Eisner wants everything computerized, despite the fact that hand drawn animation has a beauty that can’t be replicated. In any event, it is not the drawing that sucks, it’s the writing. Pocahontas was horrible. Mulan was alright, except for the Eddie Murphy character playing the spoiler, much like the diner in Attack of the Clones.

Classic stories with classic music and songs would sell. The current Disney mess will not sell.

I suppose I should keep

I suppose I should keep up with them, but I really don’t. Sure, there are a few that I read. But most of them are leftist conspiracies with no merit.

They remind me of the right wing back in the 60’s. The right wing thought that organizations were interconnected like a spiderweb. The trilateralists and the CFR were in league with the Illuminati and mob, etc. All of them were conspiring in a great way to keep the conservatives down. Some right wingers still believe that and think that prominent conservative politicians are puppets of the CFR, etc.

Now, however, the table has turned and the left is at it. The Federalists, National Review, CATO, AEI, and Heritage are all in bed under the control of Phyllis Schlafly and Jerry Falwell, who in turn take their orders from Ariel Sharon. All of them have come together to kill off the last remaining rights in the Constitution.

It’s quite humorous, but it wastes my time to read the blogs that support this theory.

Rich Lowry’s book really is

Rich Lowry’s book really is a great read. It is not too time consuming, it is very well documented, and it is not a partisan hack job. It’s honest. If you don’t buy it, a certain lady over at NRO might just get committed to an institution, or at least develop carpal tunnel syndrome.

I recommend it and hope you buy it.