Black Panther Is Worth Seeing


To begin with, I think we need to give some credit to Every Frame a Painting, which produced this brilliant video about how bad Marvel’s musical scores are. Since it came out in 2016 and went viral, Marvel has made a concerted effort to improve its music and develop some thematic musical connections within individual movies. That leads us to Black Panther, which probably has the best...

The Key is The Switch


There’s this thing happening out there called “the internet of things.” Basically, manufacturers want to sell you the best and greatest and must have thing. They ran out of options once they put a TV in your refrigerator so they had to come up with something new. So they decided the internet should be everywhere and it should connect into your life in every possible way. One of...

Homegrown: Illustrated Bites


I have mentioned, while filling in for Rush Limbaugh, that Christy and I like to grow our own vegetables and cook. I grow okra, onion, and bell peppers for gumbo. We also grow herbs and jalapeños for salsa and other cooking. It’s really not that hard and if you do it right, you are not constantly pulling weeds. In any event, a listener from one of my fill-in shows sent me this book. Her...

Daredevil Reviewed: “I am the ill intent”


I have previously given my initial assessment of Daredevil a few episodes in and want to flesh that out more now that I have seen the whole show. One of the great criteria I’ve noticed with friends who have wives or girlfriends who watch this sort of show with them is how far must they go to suspend disbelief. With Daredevil, you do not have to go as far as you do with, say, Arrow, where no...



My TV habits are pretty stuck on the Super Hero genre right now. I find them to be the most interesting shows on television. Arrow, Flash, and Gotham are about it. I need to branch out. I’m trying to get into Game of Thrones, but I think I have to take up weed first so I can be stoned through, well, the stonings and beheadings. It’s just to gruesome for me. I never got into Agents of...



I occasionally get cookbooks to review. One showed up the other day that hits a pet peeve of mine — the snout to tail cooking craze. There are parts of animals that I know can be cooked, but just thinking about it makes me want to hurl. I was, needless to say, a bit squeamish when Hog showed up. Richard H. Turner is the author and the subtitle sums it up nicely: “Perfect Pork Recipes...

The Best Ice Cream Cookbook


Two years ago, Christy and the kids bought me a professional ice cream machine. When I say professional, I mean it weighs over 70 pounds, has the freezer compressor built in, and churns out two quarts of ice cream every 15 minutes or so. It is wonderful. I feel compelled to say that I am not a huge ice cream eater, but it has been a wonderful ministry to make ice cream for friends in church...

Further Thoughts on Interstellar


I previously reviewed Interstellar, but there’s been a lingering reconsideration of points in my head as to why I just couldn’t latch on to it. I did not hate the movie, but I did not necessarily think it was great. It was a good movie I don’t care to see again. But here’s where I ultimately think the movie left me hollow. Warning — spoilers. Leave aside that they...



Having suggested people not go shopping on Thanksgiving, I engaged in an annual Thanksgiving tradition at my house that makes me a bit hypocritical on the issue. I went to a movie. When last my family congregated at my house, we all went to see Skyfall. This evening we went to see Interstellar in IMAX. Luckily, the local movie theater had turned the sound down a bit. I took earplugs just in case...

Gotham Revisited


I have been meaning to write a post to retract my prior review of Gotham. I had said it was worth watching, had flaws, but I hoped it overcame those flaws. I wanted to give it a chance. I did give it a chance and it got more absurd and gorier. I had wanted to write again to say I was so sorry for recommending you watch it. But then “Penguin’s Umbrella” happened. That is the...

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