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Hey Look! Turns Out Willing Officials Can Make Compromises


The Democratic Party, as it has gotten more and more secular, is unwilling to do the things necessary for people who disagree to peacefully coexist. It should have been an easy thing to keep Kim Davis out of jail in Kentucky. But Democrats refused to do anything. The Governor would not issue an executive order. He would not convene the state legislature. He demanded Kim Davis violate her faith...

Remember: Tolerance Is Just a Word They Use, But Do Not Mean


Houston voters decisively rejected the gay mafia’s attempt to force their world view on voters — a world view that would have let men into women’s restrooms. Houston voters decided, instead, to stick with a few thousand years of the status quo. It is also a status quo that exists in most of the rest of the country. So, having lost democratically, the gay mafia will now attempt...

ESPN Punishes Curt Schilling for Taking on Radical Islam


This is really outrageous. Curt Schilling pointed out how few people in Nazi Germany really identified with the Nazi Party to point out that even though so few people identify with radical Islam there is a problem. His point was sound. But it outrageously outraged ESPN, a network that has put political correctness ahead of truth and news. So they’ve yanked him from a little league broadcast...

Killing Them


“The sick irony of President Barack Obama’s administration is that he often compares himself to Abraham Lincoln. But he is perfectly happy to let Planned Parenthood sell off black children in bits and pieces as property.” We have passed the point where Nazi comparisons are inappropriate. In the latest video about Planned Parenthood, if you want to watch it, you will see an...

The One Thing You Are Not Doing


There has been a great deal of talk in the last several days about what the gay marriage ruling from the Supreme Court means. For the American church, it means the beginning of something, not the end. It is the beginning of a slow, but increasing effort to push the church out of the town square. Because the Court declared marriage a “fundamental right” and did so under the equal...

The Believer In the Public Square


On Saturday, I’ll deliver my first  actual sermon at an Apologetics conference in Chicago.  I submit it here now for your consideration.  Frankly, if I keep staring at it, I’m going to make changes again, so I’m getting  it in the wild now.  It’s written to be spoken, which I have not done in a long time. This is actually one of the most difficult things I have done.  I speak for two to three...

Christian Persecution in America: Will You Help The Christians?


Aaron and Melissa Klein have five children and had a bakery. The bakery is all but gone now because the Klein family declined to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding. Hell hath no fury like two angry lesbians and Rachel Cryer and Laurel Bowman claimed “emotional, mental, and physical suffering” because the Kleins put their faith ahead of their business. A judge is now ordering Aaron...

The Line Between Islamic Extremists and Gay Rights Extremists


We have another life targeted for destruction by the gay rights community. Barronelle Stutzman, an evangelical Christian, declined to provide flowers for the homosexual wedding of a long time customer of hers. The customer was gay and, again, a long time customer. Barronelle Stutzman is now going to lose her business, her life savings, and possibly her own home for putting her faith into practice...

I Thought It Was Christians Forcing Their Beliefs on Others


All the time the left is telling us that only intolerant Christians are imposing their views on others. You might have missed this story. A group of liberals who oppose the death penalty tried to get the American Institute of Architects to censure members who design death chambers for prisons. The AIA decided that those of its members who oppose the death penalty can refrain | Read More...

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