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The Glorious Impossible

The Glorious Impossible

Nine years ago this past week my wife was given six months to live. On the same day that we received that diagnosis, I lost my job. I spent the afternoon exhausted, sitting in mud, cradling my one year old in the rain, while I cried. Having left the hospital to get my child from

Hey Look! Turns Out Willing Officials Can Make Compromises

The Democratic Party, as it has gotten more and more secular, is unwilling to do the things necessary for people who disagree to peacefully coexist. It should have been an easy thing to keep Kim Davis out of jail in Kentucky. But Democrats refused to do anything. The Governor would not issue an executive order.

Remember: Tolerance Is Just a Word They Use, But Do Not Mean

Houston voters decisively rejected the gay mafia’s attempt to force their world view on voters — a world view that would have let men into women’s restrooms. Houston voters decided, instead, to stick with a few thousand years of the status quo. It is also a status quo that exists in most of the rest

The Stupidest Thing Ever Written About Pope Francis and Kim Davis

Gabriel Malor is a Republican gay rights activist who spends about as much time on twitter advocating for Republicans as he does trying to convince the world that his favorite sin is no sin at all. Thus we arrive at Malor’s take on Pope Francis having a private meeting with Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis.