Donald Trump Would Beat Hillary Clinton If The Election Were Held Today

President Trump has dismal polling. In fact, he has the worst polling of any President in his first nine months in office since Harry Truman. His polling is that bad.

But if the election were held today, President Trump would still beat Hillary Clinton. In fact, the data shows the race would be roughly tied in the popular vote, but Trump would still win the Electoral College.

This is how bad a candidate Hillary Clinton was. She could not beat Donald Trump in 2016 and she could not beat him now. And as long as Democrats keep telling themselves Russia stole the election instead of admitting what an awful candidate Clinton was, Trump will keep winning.

Face it, folks. Hillary Clinton was a crappy candidate who ran a crappy campaign and many Democrats are still in denial.

More Guns. Not Less.

The problem with the gun control hot take in the United States is that we live in a different place from the rest of the world. When Australia bought up all the guns, they did not have a second amendment to contend with. Britain and Canada are different as well.

We live in a country with a second amendment right to private gun ownership where there are 320 million people and 320 million guns in private ownership.

So it seems that we should abandon talk about restricting guns, confiscating guns, and the like. Instead, we should think differently. Require, as part of public education, gun safety classes in our schools. Teach kids to use them safely. And, likewise, take seriously the issue of mental health that increasingly finds young men picking up guns to act out.

Gun control has no easy solution in the United States not because of the NRA because guns are so much a part of culture and because there is no one piece of legislation that could solve the various problems.

But teaching all our kids how to use guns safely and actually ensuring a well armed legal citizenry could go a long way toward finding different solutions that would work here where we have a second amendment and as many guns as we have people.

Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy Is Leading the Middle East to War

In a nutshell, here’s the basics of what is happening in Saudi Arabia. Every single king of Saudi Arabia has been one of the 45 (!!!) sons of Ibn Saud, the first king of the modern House of Saud. King Salman is one of the youngest, replacing dead brothers. Well, now they are out of brothers to replace Salman so he has decided to name his oldest son and set up a dynastic succession within his line. But there are a bunch of princes whose fathers have already been king. The best way to stop them from exerting claims or playing tribal loyalties is to round them all up and arrest them. That part of the equation is easy. The other part of the equation, i.e. Saudi Arabia going to war with Yemen, declaring a state of war with Lebanon, etc. is also easy to understand. Barack Obama is to blame.

The left is vastly more interested in protecting Barack Obama’s legacy than ensuring a stable world. One of the key components of his legacy that is destabilizing the world is the Iran deal. It will allow Iran to build nuclear weapons and it has provided funding for Iran to renew funding Hezbollah. Iran is stretching its legs trying to assert power in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia is the only power in the Middle East that can contain Iran.

That is why the left in America was upset with President Trump defending King Salman today. The king and his son are modernizing Saudi Arabia, rounding up often convenient targets of public corruption, and liberalizing the country. It is not altruistic, but a way to force diversification with cheap oil prices right now and also to get the people on the King’s side against the King’s relatives.

This is normally something the American left would celebrate, but the efforts by Saudi Arabia run headlong into confronting Iran’s resurgence due to Barack Obama’s Iran deal. This is another reason President Trump should scuttle the deal. The engagement with Yemen, the saber rattling with Lebanon, and the direct sniping with Qatar and Iran are all about containing Shiite terrorist groups through whom Iran wants to exercise control over the Middle East.

And much of this would not be happening had Barack Obama not been so committed to his Iran deal. Of course, Democrats will scream in denial about all of this because rather than a stable world, they want a legacy for Barack Obama.