I am weary.

Truth cannot be what any campaign says it is. Truth must be true and Christians must have an obligation to the truth.

Yesterday, between the phone calls calling for me to be fired from radio and emails encouraging me to shove Omaha Steaks up my ass, die in a fire, and calling me a sissy who should die of cancer for the offense of telling people the truth, I had a Christian tell me that God’s will is for Donald Trump to win and the church to be purged of all the pretend Christians like me who did not really support him. This Christian truly believes that we are about to watch God perform a miracle and generate enough votes to shift the Electoral College to President Trump.

I ended the day with a Christian telling me there’s no way God could ever want Joe Biden as President because he’ll persecute the church so how dare I say if Biden gets elected it would be God’s will.

I guess he has never heard of Nero or Diocletian.

I’m weary of the self-imposed victimization of people who, when things don’t go their way, concoct conspiracies to avoid confronting problems. Four years ago it was Democrats who believed Russia stole the election. Today, Republicans believe voting machines did.

Joe Biden is President-Elect and too many people who rather play victim, cry, scream, and believe a whole lot of lies. We are more than a week away from the election and his lead keeps growing. Is there voter fraud? There’s always voter fraud. Is it enough to scrap the election? No. Why? Because Biden won overwhelmingly with lawful and legitimate votes.

I have an obligation to the truth. The truth is that the President has lost all but one court fight so far and that one winning court fight will not change the outcome in Pennsylvania.

And the truth is that many of his supporters have decided to show as little grace as the left shows despite claiming to be Christians because they’ve decided the worldliness of the left is what needs to be imitated right now. Eternity is vastly more important and we put God in a box to presume he wants any candidate just because you or I want that candidate.

God has a plan and it is not our plan, but it is the plan we can trust. It is the true plan.

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