We are undoubtedly not going to persuade each other on the vote fraud stuff. My position is that it is real, but not substantial enough to overturn the election.

My position is also that the President has the right to challenge results and there is no real need to rush the closure of the election. He should be allowed to pursue all avenues and legal strategies available to him.

Additionally, I think it would behoove the Secretary of State of Georgia to do a manual recount of the paper ballots in Georgia. There are a lot of people nationwide who distrust the electronic voting machines. Georgia is one of the states where people are alleging the state was stolen via electronic voting machine malfunction.

The Georgia Secretary of State could put everyone at ease by actually counting the paper ballots. In Georgia, votes are cast on a touch screen connected to a printer. The printer then prints the ballots with a QR code. The ballot is then fed into a ballot holding machine with a scanner on top. As the voter puts the ballot into the machine, the machine scans the QR code and tabulates the results. The results should align with the votes actually displayed on the paper ballot.

If Georgia counts the paper ballots, they should match what the machine counted. If not, well then the conspiracists are on to something. If they match, suddenly a whole lot of people will have more faith in the election.

It needs to happen.

Concurrent to all of this, what needs to not happen is the current bat-crap craziness on MSNBC and among blue checkmarks on Twitter who are convinced the President is about to launch a military take over of America.

For those not paying attention, the President fired the Secretary of Defense and several others of the top civilian staff at the Pentagon. This has led to hysterical claims that the President is launching a coup.

Go over to MSNBC and it is full-blown panic porn. These are the people who routinely obsess about Fox News now convincing their audience that a coup is afoot. Only a few weeks ago they were blasting Fox for talking about a deep state coup and now they really believe one is happening.

If we want a sane country, we need a sane media. The hysterics in the press need to calm down and maybe take a break.

Count every legal vote. Allow the President to investigate and make challenges. There’s no need to rush. There are dates certain in the election process and we’re still more than a month out from the first big one — the Electoral College meeting.

Everyone needs to calm down.