Yesterday, I set the stage for you with what Republican operatives are starting to murmur about — polling collapses, senior citizens, etc. Your mileage may vary. I’m just relating conversations with those familiar with this stuff.

In Georgia, there are real worries too for the GOP. But David Perdue actually has a campaign plan that revolves around him and his opponent, not handwringing over Donald Trump. It is a lesson other campaigns around the country need to take — make it about your own record and that of your opponent.

This morning, Perdue is unveiling a new ad highlighting what a huckster Jon Ossoff is. Ossoff, on the campaign trail, has been saying one thing, but behind the scenes to his base says completely different things. He portrays himself to the public as a moderate but has too many radical ties, including to Al Jazeera.

“On every issue from police funding to corporate PAC money, Jon Ossoff has lied to the people of Georgia,” said Perdue for Senate Campaign Manager Ben Fry. “He wants voters to think he’s a moderate, but in truth, he’s a radical socialist who was endorsed by the Communist Party. He’ll say anything to cover up his dangerous agenda.”

Across the nation, Republicans need to remember the best defense is a good offense. I expect it to work here in Georgia. Normally, at this time of year, the Democrats are ahead of the GOP in Georgia. But Perdue has spent the last year making sure voters know he is not a clone of the President and, having positively defined himself, is out to make sure voters know who the real Jon Ossoff is.