Allow me to offer you some indecisive help on the Collins vs Loeffler race. I told Governor Kemp that I would support whoever he appointed to the position. He appointed Loeffler and I voted for Loeffler on my absentee ballot. 

I like Doug Collins a lot. I may be the only member of my family that is not voting for Collins in this race. Collins is a friend and is regularly on both of my radio programs. If Collins wins this race, we will have two solidly conservative Senators between him and Perdue. 

On the other hand, I don’t think Loeffler has done anything wrong. She’s been a solid Senator and has given me no reason to oppose her. If she wins she will have two more years to forge her own path and prove herself.  If she doesn’t, we need to get Collins or someone like him to run against her in 2022. I am confident she will be great. 

With so many candidates in the race, one thing we do know is that it will go to a runoff due to the 50% +1 rule. Warnock has been surging with an 11.6% lead according to RCP. This was essentially a tie in mid-September. While Warnock does have the momentum, it will be challenging for Democrats to keep the base motivated for the run-off election if Biden wins. 

Collins is trending in the right direction. He waited until late in the game to go negative on Loeffler, capitalizing on the insider trading narrative. His upward momentum is clear in the polling, though Loeffler still has the advantage due to ad saturation and access to money.

Kelly Loeffler is an unknown to Georgians. She has a background in finance and is from southern Illinois. Because of this, she is forced to run over the top conservative ads that help to define her as solidly conservative and tied to the President and has not been able to define who she is authentically. Doug Collins does not have to do this. Being on Fox News and in the judiciary committee defending the President, he already has his conservative credentials. Collins has not had to define himself because he is already defined and comes across and authentic in his ads.

Every time I talk with Kelly Loeffler off the top of her head on issues, she’s brilliant. But when her staff prepares her for topics, they seem to overprepare her and she doesn’t come across very relaxed. At the same time, Collins comes across as personable and relaxed on almost all occasions. If Loeffler lets her guard down and starts talking off the top of her head, she’s fantastic. After several interviews on radio, I’m more and more convinced she is so brilliant that she can answer a question in 10 words that takes most politicians 100 words. My guess is her staff is pushing her to stretch out her answers, making them stiff and dry.

In other words, I can’t help you decide between them because I like them both and think whoever between the two gets into the runoff will win.