I have a philosophical problem with the willful downplaying of COVID for partisan purposes because it actually is a deadly virus. The fatality rate is higher than the flu, it spreads more readily than the flu and, it has the potential to overwhelm hospitals.

I also have a philosophical problem with the people who have amplified it extraordinarily higher than it should be for partisan purposes. There are people who see the President suffering in the polls because people don’t like his handling of the pandemic. In turn, the media has decided to blow up the coverage of the virus.

Just this year the Pentagon has confirmed the existence of extraterrestrial flying objects on multiple occasions. That story was on the back page of the newspaper so the media could continue to push panic porn about the virus. 

The virus is serious and has overwhelmed hospitals across the northeast and wiped out nursing homes but the media has instead decided to disproportionally focus on Florida, Georgia, and Texas, states with Republican governors. This is a clear partisan motivation by some of the press.

I continue to think there are things the President could have done differently and if he would have done them, he’d be better off in the polls right now. I think the President should have let Dr. Fauci and Vice President Pence take point and stay off the stage. The President could have given clearer direction and fewer mixed messages. There are a lot of things I think the President could have done differently but I also think the President telling people to not be afraid of COVID is a smart move. Far too many people have been living in an abject panic since March. 

I have neighbors who for months have carried groceries in their house with nitrile gloves and sprayed it all down with bleach before putting up. My wife has lung cancer and a 25% chance of dying according to her doctor if she gets the virus and we didn’t do that stuff. You should not live in fear of this virus. 

You should not live in fear, period. Living in fear is unhealthy and causes you to make irrational decisions. We have too much fear in the country right now.